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Monoblock Subwoofer amp



1 x 600rms at 1ohm (underrated)

So with all the megacool amps to choose from, what reason would there be to make a Digital Designs amp.  Then we got some good ideas from our customers, how about just making  really good amps that are easy to use.  Don't make it too big to install, don't use a noisy front end section, use good xovers so we don't have to buy outboard ones, and make it look old school-- solid and clean.  No cheese please.  So we've tried to make the amps our loyal customers have been asking for and we think your going to like them. On to the descriptions.

The DD M1 is a new generation of class D circuit designed to bridge the gap between typical class D sonic performance and class AB sonic performance. The amp was designed to provide the high dynamic range found in upper end class AB designs, with the higher efficiency of class D design. This is an amp capable of not only providing high amounts of continuous current, but still being able to deliver extra power for transients in bass intensive music all the while being as easy as possible on the vehicle's electrical system. This makes the amp sound less strained in real world applications, more effortless, more satisfying.

The amp carries features designed to make installations easy, and system dial-in quick. The size is compact, 63mm high(2.5") x 220mm wide(8.7") x 330mm long(13").

The subsonic is 24 db/oct and variable between 20 -100Hz. The low pass section is also 24dB/oct and variable between 50-200Hz. This enables you to bandpass around the sub section to match the vehicle sweet spot. The bass boost is in the heart of the real world bass region from 35-45Hz. The phase is variable from 0-180 degrees to move the bass image front to back in the vehicle, making integration with mids quick and easy. These are the necessary controls needed to tweak out a system.

The amplifier has another feature built in to nearly all Professional Audio gear: a clipping status circuit. The clipping LED indicator is located in the remote gain control, giving the user constant status as to amp power delivery. The LED will flicker as intermittent clipping occurs, and stay on longer as clipping increases. This circuit will give immediate power feedback as EQs are modified, gain is increased, or different source levels are encountered.

The clip indicator and subsonic filter, when used in conjunction, can optimize system performance while reducing stress in the system. Every professional sound system is set up in this same manner.  Its time that car audio enthusiasts had the same advantages. 

All amps go through stringent QC controls and every amp is hand tested. Every switch and control is tested, and every amp power tested. A testing sheet is included with every amp.

The M1 is rated to deliver a minimum of 600 Watts RMS into a 1 Ohm load, at less than 0.5% THD+N, with 13.5 Volts input. Damping Factor is greater than 200 into 1 Ohm and Signal to Noise ratio exceeds 95dB. This is "true power" as measured on an Audio Precision System One and designed to pass new amp rating standards. 

See the DD international website for more info:  www.ddaudio.com

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