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DD 1000 Series

In 8", 10" and 12"
Power Handling RMS


Power Handling Music 600
Power Handling Peak 1200
Suspension 50mm
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm SVC


The new 1000 Series subwoofers bring DD's renown quality, performance, and hand built durability to price conscious consumers. The 1000 Series woofers are based on the 3500 series design standards.  The 1000 Series start with a powerful motor design using a 25mm thick magnet focusing its field through a 13mm thick magnet gap.  The surround uses our EROM profile to give long, controlled excursion while keeping the cone diameter as large as possible. This profile also saves mass over the sculpted rubber surrounds and innertube style surrounds, less mass makes ours louder and faster. The best synthetic spider materials are used in multi-spider arrangements in order to provide long but controlled excursion. Multiple softer spiders yield a firm suspension that resists fatigue, even after years of use. All our subs are hand assembled, rigoursly tested and retested. We use multiple glue types and multiple glue joints for all attachment points.

Cosmetic options include real hand-laid Carbon Fibre dustcaps if so desired. The 1000 Series subs are the real deal, high quality subs at an affordable price. We are not trying to make a speaker that looks like an alien space pod, we make speakers that sound great while being as tough as possible.



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